Susan Barrance's Signify Story

Meet Susan Barrance, one of our managers in our London office.

Susan has been with our business for over 5 years, having never worked within recruitment before. Since day one Susan has consistently been one of our top performers and now successfully leads one of our top-performing teams in our London office. It's safe to say that Susan has been an integral reason behind our company's success. Having achieved so much growth professionally & personally, Susan certainly has made an impact at Signify and has the awards and promotions to show for it! And to top off the end of an incredible year, Susan recently became a Signify shareholder.

Susan has recently been the first to take full advantage of our sabbatical benefit having 8 weeks off, it was a great opportunity for her to fly to Australia and spend some quality time with her family!

What did taking a sabbatical mean to you?

Honestly, I couldn’t be more grateful for having the opportunity to take a sabbatical and take time off. I was able to entirely switch off and completely reset - whilst being able to spend invaluable time with family and friends so far away!