Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Why we care.

" At Signify, our commitment to diversity and providing opportunities to individuals from underrepresented backgrounds is at the heart of our ethos of inclusivity, innovation, and social responsibility.

Our dedication to diversity is not just a checkbox or a token gesture. It’s a reflection of our values, our vision for a brighter future, and our recognition that the strength of our company lies in the diversity of its people.

It's a pledge to continuously strive for inclusivity, to challenge biases, and to foster an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered."

Ryan Adams, CEO


That’s why we’ve created UNIFY...

That’s why we’ve created UNIFY, a team of Signify employees dedicated to becoming diversity, equity, and inclusion experts. UNIFY raise confidence amongst our recruiters to recruit more inclusively, reach more diverse and underrepresented talent, and engage and support clients on their DEI journeys.

We help you build teams that reflect the society we live in!

How can we support you?

We educate clients on concepts such as 'culture addition,' 'positive action versus positive discrimination,' and cultivating inclusive work environments. Our workshops are designed to align teams on diversity, resulting in improved performance and increased employee retention. While clients frequently seek to attract new talent through these policies, they also significantly reassure their existing staff that they are a top priority.

Whether you're just starting your journey towards inclusive recruitment or already have a vision of where you want to be, Signify is here to help you.

We connect with prospective talent through inclusive community events, enabling us to establish connections with all professionals in the tech industry. When we headhunt, we keep inclusivity in mind by promoting diversity and using gender-neutral adverts. We always prioritise the psychological safety of our candidates and accommodate any reasonable accessibility adjustments they may need throughout the hiring process.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Promise

Everyone has the right to feel safe, accepted and heard. We are diverse by nature. We are inclusive by choice. We are Signify Technology.

As a black-owned and founded business, we have always led with a diverse hiring strategy. We support all races, backgrounds, ages, religions, genders, neuro-diverse individuals and the LGBTQ+ community.

Although we are naturally diverse, we make an active choice to be inclusive towards everyone, every day.

Chloe Gray-Upton | 'Using Privilege for Power in Tech'
Chloe Gray-Upton | 'Using Privilege for Power in Tech'