Morgan Keeley

Assistant Marketing Manager

​Hey, I’m Morgan!

I’m the Senior Marketing Executive at Signify.

I always like to make sure that I face everyday with a positive outlook (I’ve always been a half glass full kind of person). Plus a companies ethos is important to me and that’s why joining Signify was a no brainer!

Over the last 3 years I have managed social media accounts, designed content and developed my copywriting skills through writing blogs. Having a background within fashion & artistic projects, I have always led with a creative mindset.

Outside of the office, you’ll either find me travelling around the world or out socialising with my friends, it’s safe to say eating out could be one of my favourite things. Travelling to new countries has always had a place in my heart, not only trying all the delicious food but seeing new places and experiencing new cultures. Question is, where will I go next?