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Scale By the Bay

San Francisco, CA, USA
15 November 2018

Scale By the Bay

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Scale By the Bay is the 5th year of the flagship By the Bay conference, the proven data engineering and data science community event laser-focused on learning, open-source excellence, and industry-centric focus on what works. It started as Funconf, continued as Scala By the Bay 2014 and 2015, Big Data Scala, and evolved into Scala+Scale=Scalæ, last year, reflecting the openness to other industrial programming languages, devops platforms, as well as ML/AI stacks. Text By the Bay, Data By the Bay, and AI By the Bay followed. Scaling overall stacks made of more than just programming languages – hardware, IoT and devops powers the foundation running the SMACK stack, and that in turn powers the MIND stack. This year, we combine Data and Scale together in a three track, three day conference, known for production focus and open-source excellence both in data engineering and data science, and are bringing the two together.

With Keynote speakers Martin Odersky and Neha Narkhede and held at Twitter HQ it will be a great conference to attend.

To see full details on the conference click here. 

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