Scala in the City | October @ HelloSelf

26th October @ 6pm

Join us at HelloSelf this October in the vibrant heart of London's Soho. Experience the Scala in the City meetups, where you'll have the opportunity to listen to influential figures in the Scala community and enjoy engaging talks on niche topics.

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📣 Roksolana Diachuk - "Productionizing big data"

Knowledge about various tech tools and hands-on experience is essential. But there’s something that is hard to get from books and courses: experience running production applications. With real data that can have anomalies or changes over time the experience of using a specific tech stack becomes completely different. Having an ideal image of how the system should work might not help when something goes wrong.

In this talk, you will learn how to deal with various production issues like data evolution, anomalies, fixing errors in past data, dealing with real-time data, and more. With the fuel of the pipelines being the data from advertising campaigns in AdTech.


📣 Paul Matthews - "Sounds of Structure: Modelling Music with ADTs"

Can you make music with Scala? The answer is yes, and I’ll show you how. As a professional musician now re-purposed as a Scala developer, I’ve used functional programming fundamentals to model, compose and play music.

The presentation will walk through how and why I made modelling decisions to represent musical properties and events, and will conclude with a live demo of writing and playing a song from scratch.

The talk is designed as a fun introduction to ADT usage in modelling real-life data and is aimed at:

  • Scala and FP beginners
  • Fans of digital music creation and production
  • Developers looking to explore the Scala Sound and Music space further

Topics covered:

  • How I have chosen to model musical elements and properties.
  • Creating a simple idiomatic music DSL.
  • Composing and playing a whole song.


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