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About Us

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We don’t just build business relationships, we make friends.

Behind each piece of technology changing the world, is a person, it's our mission to introduce them to the companies that need them the most.

When it all started
In 2016 the Signify Tech doors were opened by our Founder Ryan and the story began...
Celebrating 4 years
The years have flown by and each year has been even better than the last. The future is bright!
award trophy
Award winning
We're incredibly proud to say we've won multiple Industry and Business awards along the way.
Signify Technology, is a hub for everything Functional programming related. Our aim is to help Software Engineers secure their dream jobs with some of the best Tech companies Globally who are using Functional programming at scale. We provide permanent and contract technology recruitment solutions to a wide range of the world's leading brands.
Recruitment Is Evolving

What are we about? We thought we'd drill down our most used buzzwords and really help you to understand who Signify are and the awesome team behind the brand.

Our Missions & Values

Be significant
Be Significant
Always add value to everything you do. Work hard, show determination and be optimistic.
Develop Communities
Provide others with the opportunity to learn and develop. Give back however you can.
Make Friends
Work together in partnership, collaborate, listen and communicate openly.
Say it like it is
Earn trust and be honestly you, always show the upmost integrity and respect.
Be Entrepreneurial
Lead by example and empower others, think outside the box. Always challenge yourself.
Be Bold
Move fast and don’t be afraid to stand out, take risks and be innovative.
Be the best you
Educate yourself whilst teaching others and have pride in what you do.
Be Passionate
Life is about happiness and fulfilment, be inspired whilst inspiring others.
Be Specialists
Become experts in what you do. Be attentive to the details and aim to give the best possible quality.
Be Innovative
Let your personality show, be original and create your own rules. Take control of your future.
Have fun
Challenge each other to always do better. Have fun, be friendly and dream big.
We are family
Feel valued and values others. Most of all enjoy the journey we embark on.
We are committed to helping the Scala community to grow by sharing knowledge, blogs, organising meetups, sponsoring events and offering some of the coolest jobs on the market.

​I've worked with Signify at their Scala in the City meetup, which was a lot of fun and very well run. The quality of speakers Signify manages to line up is a clear testament to their position in the Scala community. ​

Nicolas Rinaudo

CTO of Besedo

​Signify team are doing great work for the Scala community! They gave me the opportunity to attend a conference for free and they supported me when I was looking for new Scala opportunities.​

Wiem Zine Elabidine

Scala Backend Developer

​I’ve had the pleasure of presenting at Signify’s Scala in the City meetup. Every time the experience was really memorable! The people at Signify are very friendly and keen to help.

Adam Warski

SoftwareMill CTO

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