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We are building something new, and completely different. Something that doesn’t exist out there, and we would kind of love you to be a part of it.

You are with us because you get excited about things like wireless bungee jumps and driverless cars, you know there’s more to life than hating your job, you want to be a part of an incredible family and because ‘work-life balance’ is a reality, not just a buzzword.

We are not interested in KPIs, call times, clock watching or living for the weekend. We are a fast-growth tech recruitment company who are excited to do things completely differently. We are only interested in working with people who love what they do and are passionate about recruitment. Who have that excitement and sparkle. We don’t have time for egos and jacked up sales recruiters. (It’s boring and so overdone). We genuinely all like each other, have heaps of respect for one another, and everyone’s passionate about building a culture that’s different. A culture that feels like home.

Of course, there’s heaps of benefits involved, because we want you to be rewarded every time you go above and beyond. (We don’t take these things for granted).

Working at Signify isn’t a job, it’s a completely different way of life. It’s a group of people who are tech geeks at heart, and who enjoy the work they do. It’s a group of super-ambitious people who are on a mission to build the best technology recruitment business the world has ever seen. Above all, it’s a group of people who stand together in a team, have each others back, and work hard to create something beautiful, while always enjoying life.

If that sounds like a way of life you want to be involved in, give us a shout, we always love to hear from new personalities and we are always looking for new people to join the team. 

Want to find out more about our culture? Check out our Hunted page, you'll see all the cool things we get up to!