I would like to strongly recommend cooperation with Carl as a recruitment consultant. He helped me a lot with finding a new position which fits best my skills and planned career path. Moreover, Carl made every effort to keep me up to date during the whole changing job process also being very kind and friendly."

Software Developer, Software Company

I was looking for a job and Rachael contacted me, she was really professional and managed to match my skills with a startup company that uses the same tech stack where my expertise was. In other words she picked a perfect job for me, I am really glad that she was able to contact me."

Software Engineer, Data Analytics Company 

When I went into the process of changing jobs I was expecting a long thorny road ahead. The reality was unexpected. I even dare to say pleasant. In span of a few weeks I was signing a new contract with a company I can believe in. I can't even imagine making it so far without Daniel's help, and especially his guidance. That's probably the biggest discovery on this journey. Who would have thought that recruitment companies can have a human face, and be proud of it! There was no moment, in the process, that I felt lost or overwhelmed. Daniel is amazingly skilled professional, but under that he's a all human."

Senior Software Engineer, Fintech Company 

“There’s not a lot I can say about the hundreds of recruiters I’ve had the ‘joy’ of dealing with. If, like me, you find yourself sick of the silly games and lies from your everyday recruiters and you just want to get the job done (and have a laugh along the way rather than wanting to commit harakiri) Signify are the people you want! After over 9 years of contracting, I finally decided to go permanent. Working with Signify and particularly, Alex, has been nothing short of the most relaxing, friendly and professional experience I’ve had. Lets not forget the most important thing - at the beginning of our first conversation, I was asked what it was I wanted in my next role, and that is exactly what I got, as well as a few of the nice-to-have’s. They listen, and deliver."

Senior Web Developer, Education Platform Company 

“I was trying to find a job for quite sometime, but there was no success. Rachael, from Signify, contacted me and helped me with this. After discussing roles I was looking for, she was really fast to find opportunities for me. Always conveyed concerns and questions immediately and followed up with proper feedback from companies, which as an individual I was not able to do."

Scala Developer, Fintech Company 

“The moment Charlie reached me from Signify, I have a new friend who was very understanding, supportive, and responsive. He changed the way I thought how tech recruitment should be. Thanks to him, I earned my life-changing position through a process that was enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding."

Scala Software Engineer, Zalando

“For a very long time Jack Clement has been building a very positive relationship and keeping in touch, even though the market was pretty much unstable due to doubts involving Brexit and the elections. When a consistent opportunity finally arrived, we quickly found an agreement mutually beneficial for both parties. Also Rachael provided superb assistance so that I could perform well in the interviews."

Contract Senior Scala Engineer, Fintech Company

“I found working with Charlie and Signify to be a pleasure. Charlie asked questions to gauge both my interest and suitability for roles. Charlie always made time to take my calls or answer questions and worked around my schedule. Since I accepted the contract, Charlie has continued to be as equally professional and helpful as when he first spent the time and effort in recruiting me."

Contract Scala Engineer, Deloitte

“Carl is one of the most awesome recruiters I have ever met. He goes an extra mile trying to understand what the person looks for in their next challenge and has an uncanny ability to sense where the candidate will be a good fit. As I understand, It's essential to have very clear and transparent communication during every step of the recruitment process, and Carl is just awesome at that. He builds a sound relationship with people he works with and works relentlessly to find them their dream job. He helped me a lot in the recruitment process and I have no hesitation in recommending him to those who are looking for their next step in their career. Thank you Carl”

Lead Scala Engineer, Fintech Company

“It was a pleasure working with Jack and Signify. Recruitment process was painless, I was given relevant and interesting choice of roles, valuable information to help me go through the interview process and honest feedback about my performance. After I accepted the offer, Jack made sure onboarding process and final client negotiation were smooth. I recommend Jack and Signify to anyone looking for a professional and effective recruitment agency.”

Contract Scala Engineer, Medidata

“If you ever imagined working with someone who takes care of everything and knows your thoughts without saying a word, Carl Woodbridge is the person I would recommend to you.  He will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with whatever you need.  The recruitment process was a breeze and I felt like flying first class plane. Everything was taken care from A to Z.”

Software engineer, Software House

“From the first call Carl was focused on finding the best matching position to my skillset. I was quite surprised he came back to me with a number of offers after so little time. He put some serious ones on the table so he immediately got my attention. He was supportive and organised throughout the whole process, handled scheduling meetings and managed passing feedback back and forth seamlessly. I recommend you all having him by your side when you apply for a job. Thanks and keep up with the good work Carl!”

Dev Lead, Software House

“As a software engineer, you will constantly get emails from recruiters with all sort of opportunities. The problem is that most of the time they disregard the candidate's profile. Working with Glenn was different. He took some time to understand my profile, my restrictions and then managed to find only relevant positions, never wasting my time, or the companies. He was engaged with the whole process and I could feel his support during the delicate phase of negotiations. Thanks to that, we've found my current job. Assertiveness is a quality that any recruiter should have, and that is the word that I would use to define a professional like Glenn.”

Senior Scala Engineer, Uswitch

“Alexandra was professional and friendly from the start, and understood what I wanted from my job search - I wasn't bombarded with irrelevant opportunities! She was always quick to answer my queries and to give me updates regarding my applications, and was able to schedule interviews amongst my other (external) interview commitments without a problem. And she even managed to get me an offer higher than my asking price! I would be more than happy to recommend Signify to colleagues looking for a new opportunity. ”

Senior Scala Engineer, Trimble

I would like to thank Carl Woodbridge for his help and engagement in my recruitment process. Without any doubts I can say that the process was excellent from very beginning till the final contract was signed. Carl pays attention to all details, he used this information to help with supporting me, negotiating and the whole recruitment process. It was one of my best experiences of cooperation with a recruitment consultant in the last 20 years and I would certainly work with him again. 

Project Lead, Gaming company

“I'd been applying for jobs on my own without success for about a month and a half. Alexandra from Signify took the time to understand what I was looking for, and got me a good job offer from the first place she helped me apply to. WIN. ”

Scala Engineer, ONZO

“Carl was engaged in my recruitment process from the very beginning through until the end. He proved to be kind and helpful at all stages, including the initial presentation of the positon on offer, setting up the interview, contract negotiations and final documents signing. He tried to be insightful and understand my situation. As a result, he acted very proactively during the negotiations phase, which I felt like he played at my side and supported me through the whole process. All in all, cooperating with Carl proved to be very fruitful and he made the whole process as smooth as possible for me. ”

Software Engineer, Software House

“Once again, thank you very much to Carl Woodbridge for everything you have done for me in the last 2 weeks. Thanks to you, it was the best recruitment process I have ever experienced. Throughout the entire process I felt that you really wanted to meet all my expectations and make it as comfortable for me as possible. I really appreciate the time you spent on providing me with frequent updates about all the details and progress in communication with the company. You have done an excellent job and I would love to work with you again in the future.”

Software Engineer, Software House

“It was thanks to Carl at Signify Technology that I managed to secure a fantastic opportunity in one of the UK’s most exciting employers. He was very professional, caring and patient throughout the process, going above and beyond to ensure success while making the process as smooth as possible. For this reason, I highly recommend Signify technology to anyone looking for a significant step change in their career.”

Software Engineer, Car Manufacturer 

“Dealing with Signify and Jack has been a pleasure. He has been very present to support me during the hiring process and beyond, making sure I was still enjoying my contract with the client. I quite enjoy this sort of support which shows that I was more than just a resource.”

Scala Contractor, Online Platform Company 

“Having been in contact with Signify both seeking a job and hiring, I found them extremely professional and very accommodating. Their understanding of the Scala market is outstanding. In particular I found a common language with Alexandra, who makes a point to support and promote women in this male-dominated industry. She gave the recruitment process a personal touch, and helped me in achieving just what I looked for on both sides of the deal. ”

Head of Technology,  Tech Start up Company

“I have worked along with Jack from Signify to find myself a role adapt not only to my skills but also to my idea of working environment. I have been introduced to a wide list of possible opportunities until I shaped up what was the best fit for myself. I will definitely suggest Signify Technology to my past and future colleagues if they look for an alternative career path.”

Scala Software Developer,  Fintech Start up Company

"Jack placed me as a contractor in a Senior developer role for a cutting edge utility company. He made the whole recruitment process very effortless. He was always available for catch-up chats and would always provide timely updates. The timesheet and payroll system is probably the easiest I’ve used with any agency. I would have no hesitation in working with Signify Technology again"

Senior Developer, OVO Energy

"Daniel at Signify was great to work with whilst I was looking to make a personal and professional move abroad to Dubai. In particular he was far better than the other recruitment consultants I dealt with who were even based in the country I was moving to. Daniel was extremely quick to respond throughout the process and either had the information to hand or would find out as quickly as possible. I liked that he actually listened and took the time and care to remember details of our conversations and my background. He was great at keeping me up to date and has since shown an excellent level of aftercare getting in touch to see how I'm finding my new job and personal life. I would happily recommend Daniel and Signify to others."

Full Stack Developer, Education Platform Company 

"After a period working as a Software Developer within Finance, and then taking a year to pursue a Master in Artificial Intelligence I was interested in a Machine Learning and NLP focused role within a startup company. Carl from Signify Technology contacted me about an opportunity with Emerald Street Ventures developing a number of Greenfield Projects within Legal Technology using Machine Learning. Carl was helpful in guiding me through the assessment and subsequent interview and I have now taken up a position with the firm."

NLP/Machine Learning Engineer, Legal Tech Start up 

"Without any exaggeration, working with Daniel from Signify has been my best experience with any recruitment consultant to date. The amount of care that he showed, and being in touch at every stage of the process, was really appreciable. I have already sent several applications of my close friends to Daniel, as I know they would be in good hands."

Full Stack Developer, Education Platform Company 

"Glenn Holman from Signify was a great help getting me through the interview process with my current company. Honestly I wasn’t as confident as Glenn was in me for this Senior Web Developer position. I am glad Glenn saw the potential in me after looking at my CV and we went ahead with the application. All 3 interview rounds were arranged within a week and I had the result on the 5th day. Thanks to Glenn I am now a Senior Web Developer at a great company. The best part was Glenn even followed up with me to see how I was settling in and how I was finding work after I started."

Senior Web Developer, Software Company 

"Working with Jack at Signify Technology has been a great experience as a candidate. They really took the time to understand the type of role I was looking for, and in addition to having a great understanding of the job market, they were in touch at every stage of the process. I look forward to working with Signify again in the future, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for their next opportunity."

Senior Software Engineer, Prop Tech start up

"I'm very happy with the excellent service and professionalism provided by Signify. I was placed by Ryan in the exact type of role I was looking for with an excellent company focused on functional programming, new technologies and opportunities for progression. The process was smooth and Signify focuses on balancing the requirements of candidates and companies with an emphasis on quality of service."

Software Engineer, OVO Energy

"I was looking for a Scala contract role when I first got in touch with Jack. Very quickly he put me forward to one of his clients and in a matter of a few days, I had an interview. He offered me great feedback throughout the recruitment process as well as a lot of information about the role and company, which in turn helped me to prepare very well for my interviews. Since the first conversation we had, I could tell Signify are a different kind of recruitment agency. Excellent communication, high profile clients and effortless on-boarding. I’m 2 months in on my current contract and Jack has kept in constant communication with me, making sure I’m happy on my role."

Scala Software Engineer, Prop tech start up 

"Signify placed me in a Scala Contract role, working with them has been a professional and painless experience the whole way through. They have been honest and forthright and when I have had questions they have been quick to answer. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others."

Senior Software Engineer, Tech start up

"I wasn't looking for a new position when Ryan contacted me. He offered me an opportunity at an innovative utility company. Ryan was very good at listening at my aspirations and matching those to the company's values. He was very organised in setting up interviews and meetings with the development team at the prospective company. He also kept in touch on a regular basis to update me on the overall process and listen to my feedback. It has been a very satisfactory experience and I can tell after more than a month at the company that the job is exactly how Ryan described it. Thanks to Signify I really joined a great company and I'm very happy with my Scala developer role."

Scala Software Engineer, OVO Energy

"Working with Signify has been a painless process and a pleasure from day one, they helped me find a new contract, were kind enough to dedicate in person time and took the effort to meet me, and placed me in a great contract within a week! They definitely stand out and take their jobs seriously, and the fact that they are focused only on Scala makes it all the more interesting for long term collaboration potential!"

Contract Scala Engineer, Prop-Tech start up

"When I was looking for a new role the first place I went was to Ryan at Signify. As I had such a good experience the first time round it was a no-brainer and Ryan managed to find me a much better role at OVO Energy, with a lot more opportunity for me to grow my career and use cutting edge technologies. I received more than enough support and was helped throughout the entire process."

Software Engineer, OVO energy

"I was looking for a senior Scala/full-stack developer with a very particular mix of skills. Ryan and Signify found me a great candidate who was not only the best we had seen but also was available very rapidly. He breezed the interview and now works for me. There are many recruiters out there, but I've met very few with the market knowledge and the attitude of Signify"

Head of Product and Engineering, Product Company

“Dealing with Signify was a refreshing experience compared with the usual melee that is tech recruitment. We only got high quality candidates through and Ryan was careful to never be pushy with us, whilst remaining on-hand to help where we needed it. Dealing with recruiters who knew the business inside and out and could speak our language was really a breath of fresh air. I'd definitely get in touch with Ryan and Signify again next time we need to hire.”

CTO of Technology start up

"When Ryan contacted me, I was really eager to start a new contract soon having been out of work for some time already. After talking through his long list of clients looking for a scala contractor I was smoothly placed in three days with a process which was stress-free and quite enjoyable. I would more than happy to work with Ryan and Signify in the future."

Contract Scala Engineer at Technology start up

“I've had a great relationship working with Signify Technology. I met them when I applied for a contract role with a company in London which changed their mind about hiring a contractor due to financial reasons. Signify Technology was very professional in handling the matter and explaining the situation to me. After a few weeks, the same agent rang me up again with a new contract and it was a success. I'm now working with a global client and very satisfied. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone who wants results!”

Contract Senior Scala Software Engineer at Twitter

“Working with Ryan from Signify was a great experience. The role was a great match with my skills, experience and where I wanted to take my career. Ryan was very understanding when I had a big decision to make and supported me through this. Signify Technology will be the first place I come when I’m looking for a new role.”

Scala Software Developer at Technology company

"I enjoyed working with Signify a lot, as they are not your average, pushy but inattentive recruiters. They get to know you, they understand you, and they understand the market very well too. They've supported and assisted me through the entire process of finding a new role, I even got to meet them personally. I feel that we've built a long lasting relationship."

Senior Software Engineer at Product company