Scala training

Scala Training

It's great to be part of a community who are so passionate about learning and developing their skills and we want to give you the opportunity to do this.

Signify Technology organise extensive Scala workshops where engineers can attend and benefit from hands-on training conducted by key Scala contributors within the community. The workshops are not only a great opportunity to learn but also network with other enthusiastic engineers. 

How can we help you?

Would you love your engineering team to receive a personalised training workshop to help advance their knowledge?

Scala is a niche interest and being such a complex language, we understand it is difficult to find engineers who have the skills you require. This is why we adopted the idea to help give them the chance to build on their current skills and you, in turn, build the team you are looking for.

All you need to do is reach out to us, we will organise the venue and speaker, all under your requirements and based on what you need.

Are you interested in teaching a Scala workshop?

If you are a confident engineer looking to help others progress within their career, this is a great opportunity to put your skills to use. Not only will you be aiding others, but you also can further your own skills by acquiring other engineers point of view and knowledge.

Just let us know if this is of interest to you and we will be able to organise the venue, dates suited to you and attendees. We will have it covered!

Past Training Workshops


Functional Design and Functional Effects by John De Goes with Signify Technology and Capital One, 2020.

 This workshop was split into three days focusing on Functional Design and two days focusing on Functional Effects. Attendees learned about using the ZIO and Cats IO / Monix library (and similar libraries, like Monix or Cats IO). 

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Mastering Async & Concurrent Programming in Scala with John De Goes, Signify Technology and Sky UK October 2019 

In this 2-day advanced workshop, attendees learnt about Functional effect systems like ZIO, Monix, and Cats IO and how they have brought next-generation, fiber to the JVM, years before Project Loom. Mastering these new effect systems is not easy, developers have to rethink thread management, resource management, concurrency, parallelism, and other aspects of application architecture, as well as learn to embrace asynchronous concurrent data structures, like queues, promises, maps, and more.

In this two day workshop, they built upon their knowledge of Scala’s own Future data type to gradually and systematically develop a mastery functional effect systems, culminating in a graduation project that developed using ZIO, Monix, or Cats IO.

Scala workshops

Scala Beginners Workshop by Paweł Szulc, Credit Karma and Signify Technology, May 2019

The Scala Beginners Workshop was an extensive 2 days course aimed to level-up developers who wanted to gain practical knowledge of the Scala programming language. 

Credit Karma was passionate about providing a training opportunity for their engineering team to develop their skills. Therefore, Signify Technology teamed up with Credit Karma to put together a workshop in which their team could attend, the training was given by key Scala community member and Scala Developer, Paweł Szulc. The workshop was designed in such a way, that attendees gained knowledge of the language syntax but also the ability to step into "the Scala mindset". 

Scala workshops

Functional Scala (London Edition) by John A. De Goes & Signify Technology, December 2018

Due to high demand, we organised another Functional Scala workshop with John A De Goes. This edition was held again in London, attended by 40 engineers locally and remotely giving those the chance who missed out previously to receive the Functional Scala training.

Technology companies such as Space Ape Games and Deliveroo funded for their developers to take advantage of the opportunities to obtain hands-on training. 

Scala workshops

Functional Scala (London Edition) by John A. De Goes & Signify Technology, October 2018

This Functional Scala workshop was an extensive 3-day course attended both locally and remotely by 25 engineers. The training rigorously instructed the Scala developers on the most complex, confusing aspects of Scala showing them how to best use the features of the Scala programming language to write rock-solid, bulletproof business applications. 

Attendees completed the course having discovered how to program passionately and fearlessly, with confidence, and build and test scalable programs that are correct-by-construction.

Scala workshops