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Sr. Data Scientist (MLOps)

Job title Sr. Data Scientist (MLOps)
Contract type: Permanent
Location United States of America
Industry: Data
Workplace type: Remote
Reference: 7863
Contact name: Justin Steranka
City: Los Angeles, CA
Contact email:
Published: November 7, 2023 10:55

Job Description

About This Position
Our client is currently seeking a Data Scientist specializing in MLOps. The ideal candidate possesses exceptional skills in model and pipeline management, demonstrating advanced proficiency in training and deploying various models (LLMs, traditional classifiers, GPT Agents, etc.) within a production environment. Furthermore, they should possess a robust grasp of best practices when it comes to the design and upkeep of data pipelines and model architectures. Competitive compensation, including comprehensive benefits, is available for the right candidate. This is a full-time role, with the flexibility to work remotely.
Specific Responsibilities
  • Architectural Collaboration: Collaborate effectively between data and engineering teams to design and swiftly deploy state-of-the-art models that seamlessly integrate. Adaptability and humility are essential attributes.
  • Data Pipeline Mastery: Create, construct, and maintain data pipelines that span from our vast internal database, housing 35 billion predictive insights, to complex customer data sourced from external CRMs and databases. Emphasis on efficiency and security is paramount.
  • Data Advocacy and Education: Act as a Champion of Possibilities. Assist in demystifying our data and the valuable insights it provides: what it contains, how to use it effectively, and the realm of possibilities it unlocks. Educate team members in diverse analytical techniques and machine learning models.
  • Data Product Expertise: Dive deep into understanding our data products, including our internal database of predictive insights, our automated modeling architecture, and the collection of GPT Agents. Eventually, become the primary point of contact for inquiries regarding these products.
  • Enhancing Insights: Continuously develop, implement, and refine algorithms to enhance the predictive capabilities of our GPT Agent. Collaborate with all teams to seamlessly integrate new features and enhancements into the GPT Agent.

Requirements for Success
  • Professional Experience: 2-3 years of professional experience or an equivalent combination of postgraduate education and internship experience.
  • Technical Proficiency: Proficiency in bash scripting, Python, and SQL.
  • Advanced Pipeline Design: Advanced understanding of pipeline design and model management, particularly within AWS Cloud Services.
  • Modeling Skills: Strong technical skills in predictive modeling, machine learning (supervised and unsupervised algorithms), and analytical techniques.
  • Data Analysis: Excellent exploratory data analysis skills.
  • Effective Communication: Ability to convey a "data story" to non-technical stakeholders through custom visualizations, presentations, and dashboards.
  • Collaboration: Experience collaborating effectively with diverse business and engineering stakeholders.
  • NLP and Large Language Models: Experience with natural language processing and Large Language Models.
  • Commitment to Learning: Demonstrated desire for continuous learning, improvement, and innovation.
  • Passion for Growth: Passion for the company's growth, sales, and expansion.
  • Educational Background: A relevant bachelor's degree with a strong technical component.

Bonus Qualifications
  • Diverse Dataset Experience: Experience with real-world, messy datasets stored in various formats, including MongoDB, SQL databases, CSVs, and more.
  • Data Engineering Skills: Ability to combine disparate data sources and resolve source of truth conflicts.
  • Clean Code: Strong understanding of the data science project lifecycle and the ability to write clean, reproducible code.
  • Additional Experience: Relevant experience applying machine learning techniques.

Location: Fully remote
Ideal Candidate Profile
We are looking for team members who are flexible and willing to contribute wherever needed, regardless of their area of responsibility. In our remote team, we seek self-motivated individuals who are open-minded and eager to make a meaningful impact on our journey. This approach has helped us become the most connected fully-remote company we've been part of.

We are a team that values culture and are committed to:
  • Learning and growth.
  • Questioning the status quo.
  • Embracing modern communication techniques.
  • Cultivating and enhancing company culture.
  • Genuinely understanding our clients and translating their needs into outstanding experiences.