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Scala Developer

Job title Scala Developer
Location Dallas
Reference: 1985
Contact name: Austin Roden
Contact email:
Published: September 14, 2021 5:36

Job Description

Scala Programers Needed!

Developers will be using Scala - pure FP libraries such as cats, http4s, and doobie. Must be willing and able to learn and use Rust.

  • 2+ years experience with software development
  • Working experience with the JVM (Java/Clojure/etc.)
  • Experience building distributed systems
  • Understanding of the JVM,m Linux, and Docker
  • Basic understanding of deployment techniques such as Kubernetes and Docker swarm

You will be working in a team: this means following up with code reviews and helping juniors and interns. This position is fully remote and company runs a bottom-up project management approach.