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Java Engineer

Job title Java Engineer
Contract type: Permanent
Location Sector 1
Workplace type: Hybrid
Reference: 6402
Contact name: Austin Roden
City: Arizona
Contact email:
Published: August 3, 2023 7:53

Job Description


- Spearhead the creation and deployment of first-rate software solutions using Java.
- Engage in close collaboration with diverse teams to understand requirements, scrutinize system details, and craft software enhancements that align with our clients’ expectations.
- Design streamlined and efficient data manipulation applications, harnessing Apache Flink's capabilities.
- Produce neat, coherent, sustainable, and verifiable code, confirming the distribution of steadfast and superior software.
- Identify and remedy software bugs and efficiency bottlenecks, ensuring unimpaired application functionality.
- Fine-tune applications to achieve ultimate scalability and efficiency, managing extensive data sets effortlessly.
- Perform exhaustive code assessments, giving helpful input to nurture an environment of unending growth within the team.
- Keep up with contemporary developments in Java, Apache Flink, and affiliated technologies to introduce inventive answers to our ventures.
- Partner with various departments to flawlessly merge software elements, guaranteeing uniform operations across our platforms.

**Requirements and Technical Skills:**

- Possession of a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a corresponding field.
- Established history of accomplishments as a Java Engineer, concentrating on the creation and provision of expandable applications.
- Thorough grasp of the Java programming language and its fundamental principles.
- Comprehensive familiarity with Apache Flink and its connected environment for immediate data manipulation.
- Capability in dealing with relational databases and crafting streamlined SQL inquiries.
- Awareness of Apache Spark will be viewed as beneficial.
- In-depth comprehension of software creation values, design blueprints, and conventional industry procedures.
- Skillful in using version control tools such as Git, and acquainted with agile development approaches.
- Robust troubleshooting and analysis aptitude, with a sharp eye for diagnosing and rectifying intricate problems.
- Outstanding interpersonal and cooperative talents, fostering efficient group collaboration and smooth project completion.