Typelevel Summit Berlin

Typelevel Summit Berlin

Friday, 18 May 2018

08:00 to 23:00

Zalando, Zeughofstraße 1, Berlin


The sixth Typelevel Summit will once again happen after the Scala conference: Scala Days, in the same city!

The Summits are open to all, not just current contributors to and users of the Typelevel projects, and we are especially keen to encourage participation from people who are new to them. Whilst many of the Typelevel projects use somewhat “advanced” Scala, they are a lot more approachable than many people think, and a major part of Typelevel’s mission is to make the ideas they embody much more widely accessible. If you’re interested in types and pure functional programming we’d love to see you here!

This is a community conference and we strive to make it an inclusive and fulfilling event for all participants. All attendees, speakers, and organizers must abide by the Typelevel Code of Conduct.

The list of amazing speakers range from Alexandru NedelcuJon Pretty and Annette Bieniusa. 

For full details on the schedule click here. 


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