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Scala In the City X Pirum: Guest speakers Nicolas Rinaudo and Régis Kuckaertz

Online Event
26 May 2021

Scala In the City X Pirum: Guest speakers Nicolas Rinaudo and Régis Kuckaertz

Pirum Sitc

Scala in the City is proud to be partnering with Pirum for our May Virtual event!

Grab your virtual space:

Who are Pirum?
Pirum has provided innovative and award-winning products and services to the finance industry for more than 20 years. Their platform connects most of the market participants in repo and securities financing and provides real-time services which help their clients trade efficiently, accurately, and competitively. They are a UK headquartered fintech company of around 100 people with a passion for technology and product innovation and people have always been at the heart of their process.

We are also thrilled to welcome two guest speakers;
Nicolas Rinaudo, author and CTO of Besedo, where they use Scala to moderate large volumes of user generated content and do weird things to machine learning models.

Régis Kuckaertz, Technical Lead at Pirum and Scala enthusiast

(Timezone: BST/ UK)

Introduction to event

Find out more about Pirum from Aaron Spittles, Senior Engineering Manager @ Pirm

Régis Kuckaertz
Free: back with a vengeance - Building heterogenous workflows with free profunctors

Nicolas Rinaudo
Recursion Schemes From The Ground Up
Recursion schemes often come up as "something real FP programmers must know", which I can't help but take as a bit of a challenge.
The purpose of this talk is to help you, too, become a real FP programmer and, should help you understand when, and more importantly when not, to use recursion schemes.

End of event

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