Scala in the City Conference

Scala in the City Conference

Thursday, 28 May 2020

10:00 to 22:00

Online Conference


It's time for a Scala in the City Conference!

We are thrilled to bring together an incredible group of talented Scala and Functional Programming contributors to spill their Scala secrets...

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Current Speaker List

John De Goes @jdegoes (CEO Ziverge)
Title: FP to the Min

Eric Torreborre @etorreborre (Senior Software Engineer at Symbiont)
Title: The Many Faces of Modularity

Itamar Ravid @iravid_ (Principal Architect at Ziverge)
Title: The Joys of (Z)Streams

Wiem Zine Elabidine @WiemZin (Scala Backend Developer at MOIA)
Title: ZIO from Home

Michael Arnaldi @MichaelArnaldi (CTO at CreditScript/ CEO at Matechs)
Title: Functional Effect Systems To The Rescue!

Adam Fraser @adamfraser (Solutions Architect at Ziverge)
Title: 0 to 100 with ZIO Test

Igal Tabachnik @hmemcpy (Software Development Consultant)
Title: Building IntelliJ IDEA plugins in Scala - a perfect combo for developer productivity!

Chris Birchall @cbirchall (Senior Software Engineer at 47 Degrees )
Title: Type class derivation in Scala 3

Julien Truffaut @JulienTruffaut (CTO at fp-tower)
Title: Monocle 3: A Peek into the Future

Leo Benkel @LeoBenkel (Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Demandbase)
Title: Keep your projects across your company free of vulnerabilities and consistent.

PaweĊ‚ Szulc @EncodePanda (Haskell Developer at Klarna )
Talk details TBC

Dean Wampler @deanwampler (Head of Developer Relations at Anyscale)
Title: Modularity in Software: A Retrospective

Andreas Koestler @AndreasKoestler (Software Developer at Chatroulette AG )
Talk details TBC

More Speakers to come...

Media Partners
We are very proud to have partnered with the lovely Scala Love team to bring you this conference.
Scala Love Podcast:

Ticket Cost
Signify Technology want to give back to the community and Scala community, therefore, we are not charging for this event, we are only asking that any donations you are able to make would be greatly appreciated as these will go to deserving charities who are helping us all during COVID-19 including NHS, The World Health Organization and Doctors Without Borders.


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