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Scala Beginners Workshop with Paweł Szulc

28 May 2019

Scala Beginners Workshop with Paweł Szulc


Signify Technology has partnered up with Credit Karma and Paweł Szulc to bring Scala to Leeds!

This 'Scala Beginners Workshop' is an extensive 2-day course aiming to level-up developers who want to gain practical knowledge of the Scala programming language.

No prior knowledge of the language is required, however, we assume that you have a programming background.

The workshop is designed in such a way, that you will gain knowledge of the language syntax but also you will step into "the Scala mindset". Getting that intuition is important for further expanding your knowledge or when dealing with a variety of Scala libraries.

Day 1

On the first day, you will get a solid introduction to the language. During the first couple of hours, we will exercise a warmup session, so that you will get a quick understanding of what does it mean to write software in Scala. We will cover a very important citizen of the language: functions. You will learn why they play a central role in the language. Further, we will explore concepts of pattern matching - a powerful concept that at first glance looks like a switch statement on steroids, but in depth is a much richer concept that is being used extensively in the language. 

After covering collections API, an interesting syntactic sugar called for-comprehension (also known as do-notation in some languages) and error handling, we will explore a concept called implicits - a mechanism that is very unique to the Scala programming language.

Day 2

We start with insights into testing libraries. We will focus on a technique that is well adopted in the Functional Programming community called Property-Based Testing. Next, we move to a brief discussion on traits, a mechanism that is multiple inheritance friendly but doesn't suffer the diamond problem. We will then focus on a few more advanced topics: variance and ad-hoc polymorphism. 

This is a great opportunity for Junior Developers and Developers who are looking to learn Scala Programming. Find out more here


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