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Lambda Days

Kraków, Poland
21 February 2019

Lambda Days


This conference is one of a kind experience in the functional world.

Never-failing explosion of enthusiasm and talent is what gets them motivated to explore this amazing community in all of its potential in organising this exciting event. A journey takes through different ideas, technologies, paradigms and languages inspire creativity, growth and pure enjoyment of coding.

Scala, Erlang, Haskell, Elixir, F#, Lisp, Clojure, OCaml and many other emerging technologies are more than languages - they are new perspectives on how to understand and tackle the challenges of everyday work.

What to expect?

Lambda Days also feature a series of workshops which you can attend to improve your skill set. Take a look at the list of workshops here.

The schedule of speakers will also not disappoint including talks from Creator of the Elixir programming language José Valim, Associate Professor Felienne Hermans and the list goes on, check it out here.

Visit the Lambda Days website for more details and ticket booking information.


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