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Functional Scala (London Edition) by John A. De Goes & Signify Technology

The Curtain, 45 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3PT
21 October 2018

Functional Scala (London Edition) by John A. De Goes & Signify Technology

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We are so excited to be partnering with John A. De Goes to offer this amazing Functional Scala Training Course!

Functional Scala is an extensive 3-day course by John A. De Goes that may be attended remotely (London time zone) or locally (London). The course rigorously instructs Scala developers on the most complex, confusing aspects of Scala, and shows them how to use the features of the Scala programming language to write rock-solid, bulletproof business applications that are easy to test, easy to reason about, and easy to change safely in arbitrary directions required by the business.

If you know Scala but are confused by concepts and techniques in functional programming, or perplexed by advanced features of Scala’s type system, then this is the course for you. You will learn how functional programming enables Scala developers to build highly-scalable, concurrent, parallel, asynchronous, testable, and modular programs. You will discover how to program passionately and fearlessly, with confidence, and build and test scalable programs that are correct-by-construction.


Day 1: Functional Essentials

Day 2: Functional Abstractions

Day 3: Functional Effects


Daily Structure

9:00 - Begin Instruction

10:25 - Break

10:35 - Resume Instruction

12:00 - Lunch Break - Signify Technology will provide sandwiches and snacks.

13:30 - Resume Instruction

14:55 - Break

15:05 - Resume Instruction

16:25 - Break

16:35 - Resume Instruction

17:30 - End of Day

At the end of the final day on Tuesday, there will be drinks and nibbles to enjoy provided by Signify Technology.



The training course will take place at The Curtain Hotel & Members Club. The Curtain sits in the heart of Shoreditch, London’s most creative district and will be an awesome venue for this training course.

Check out The Curtain here.



Attendance to Functional Scala is local or remote. Local attendees must arrange their own transportation and lodging to the host city. Remote attendees will be provided with a link to a remote meeting session, in which they can see and hear the live workshop, ask the instructor questions, and chat with both local and remote attendees. Motivated remote attendees who participate in all exercises can expect to get nearly as much out of the training as local attendees.



Attendees will be provided with example code, a course outline, and exercises in electronic form. The workshop is not recorded and recording is strictly prohibited. Signify Technology will provide each attendee with a welcome pack which includes Scala swag such as notepads, bottle openers, T-shirts and more!


Sign up and find out more details on Eventbrite. 

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