Shannon Goddard-Rable


+44203 865 0621

I have worked in the Tech Recruitment industry for over 3 years; starting my journey broadly covering the Open Source market, with a specific focus on functional programming. Now at Signify I get to use that knowledge as a specialist recruiter in Scala. My background lies in Contract recruitment and I now search for the best Scala contractors across the globe. 

I always label myself as an extrovert, a people person and coming from a customers services background I am passionate about really understanding people and delivering the best experience. I am inherently curious and read an awful lot of books, which leads to me always trying to learn something new – like my recent endeavour into the Spanish language! When I’m not failing at rolling my Rs I spend most of my time going out with friends, trying out the latest food craze and ticking the next country off my bucket list. 

One of the things I love about tech is the community, I can’t name another industry that has such comradeship. It’s amazing to see everyone trying to upskill themselves and help each other learn, this is why I am part of the Women in Tech movement and believe everyone should have the opportunity to explore their passions.


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