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Richard Thexton

I started my career in Technology Recruitment back in January 2010, it’s fair to say that when I started out as a Trainee Recruiter, I wasn’t sure how long I would be in the industry or whether I would be any good at it, and the start with I wasn’t! I worked hard though and tried make up for skill gaps with effort and eventually I started to find my feet and really enjoy the challenges and rewards that the job brings. I remember whilst I was at University that people said it would be the last time you get to spend every day with other people who are a similar age, with similar interests – well that’s not the case at all, Recruitment provides exactly that!

 Since starting out in the industry I have personally built up a number of successful tech recruitment markets from scratch and then went on to lead high-performing recruitment teams across the UK covering various Technology markets covering UK, European & US markets.

 The reason I’m still working within the industry after all this time and still have the same enthusiasm for the job comes down to one thing – the people. Firstly, candidates who we help secure new jobs (going through the recruitment process myself to join Signify reminded me of what a big deal a new job is in someone’s life), secondly the hiring managers we support in finding the best people for their teams or thirdly (and most importantly) the people we work with day-to-day. I really enjoy building successful teams and getting the best out of individuals to become top performers and potentially future leaders themselves.

 When I began speaking with Matt and Ryan about Signify Technology, It quickly become obvious that it is a diverse, inclusive, and ambitious company that matched my own aspirations and I’m really excited to hopefully play a key role in the company’s continued success. I was amazed by how far the company has already come and was really impressed by how invested in the people at Signify the leadership team are – this being such a priority, combined with the innovative technology markets (Scala, Rust & Go) Signify are experts in. There is still so much potential growth in these markets and it’s really exciting to think where the company will be in a few years’ time!

Richard Thexton