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Ola Denslaw

Hey, my name is Aleksandra but everyone calls me Ola!

I fell into the world of recruitment 4 years ago, straight after graduating from university with a degree in Criminology.  I was born in Poland so naturally, cultural diversity is important to me, which happens to be one of many reasons why I joined Signify Technology.

I prioritize my work values and humanity, so I actively pledge to amplify under-represented minorities in tech by running and attending Diversity and Inclusion Events.  As a frequent user of mobile applications myself, I chose to recruit iOS and Android Engineers in the US market. I've been recruiting in the mobile space for over 2 years now and I believe Mobile Apps are the future and will have a significant impact on a business’s success.  I like to learn about current mobile technologies trends by listening to podcasts and attending tech events, so if you would like to get some insights into what is happening in the job market, I'm all ears. 

Given the opportunity to work together, I would bring an open, honest and transparent approach, working incredibly hard for you to ensure you get great service and delivery.

Ola Denslaw