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Megan Moshref

Hi, I’m Megan! 

I am the Head of Talent USA within the Signify Tech team and I am ecstatic to make others’ professional lives more enjoyable by giving them the opportunity to level-up their careers.

After landing this role at Signify Technology, I packed my bags and moved to Santa Monica, originally being from the Silicon Valley. Life has been amazing ever since!

In my role, I am most looking forward to delivering the good news to candidates that they’ve successfully landed a rewarding position. At Signify Technology, we create top performers in a supportive and collaborative environment, so it is perfect for those both new to recruitment and those who are experienced.

I am here to make things easy-breezy and fun and I thrive off making a positive impact on someone’s life. One of my strongest attributes is my focus on thorough communication.

I pride myself on my matchless approach, tailoring each person’s experience to fit their individual needs, to make sure that they’re taken care of, and I am confident that I will work diligently to ensure mutual success. I aim to expand the Signify Tech USA division, bringing in unique and talented professionals that are excited to work together and elevate our company.

You should know, I am a “foodie” and LA has some of the best food in the world (I’m not biased)...(ok, maybe a little). I have an ever-growing list of restaurants to explore in the notes of my phone, with no plans to stop soon. And would I even be an LA resident if I didn’t brag about our beaches and beautiful hiking trails? They’re amazing and a great way to unwind.

We are hiring in LA, Austin, and Miami!

If you’d like to know more about SignifyTech, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Megan Moshref