Koren Rolle

Senior Consultant

+1 310 593 4503

Hey my name is Koren,

I am a Senior Consultant here at Signify Technology. I have been recruiting for 6 years and I thrive on the learning aspect of the job. Joining the Signify team has given me true purpose in my career and has taught me so many things that make me a better person and recruiter.
My focus is to continue building the Scala community and Signify brand across the United States. As a key contributor to the Scala community, Signify has the pleasure of working with some of the best tech companies across the states and I am happy to be a part of it. I strive to bring the best Scala candidates to my clients and the best Scala jobs to Scala engineers, we are a team that truly cares about our role.
I was born in Miami and raised in North Carolina. I moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and have been here ever since, I love the sunny weather and amazing fashion here.

Outside of the office, you'll often find me playing a game of chess or getting stuck into video games. I am a big family man and enjoy spending all my time with my wife and little girl. My body is made up of 95% laughs so if you can tell me a funny story we will be friends for life! I try to stay positive every single day and look forward to the next, I mean, what other way is there to live.
I have helped hundreds of people in some way, shape or form and that is honestly what makes this career so rewarding. You get to a point where you realise it’s more about what you can do for others rather than what others can do for you, I will always be that one yes amongst the sea of no’s.

If you're considering a new Scala role or looking for the top talent in Scala, reach out as I'd love to help.


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