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Greg Peace

Hey, how’s it going?

My name is Greg and I have been in recruitment for three years.

I am originally from Dallas but moved to central Texas to attend college at Texas State University. During my collegiate years, I was a student athlete and enjoyed my glory days on the football field. Having played football for the majority of my life it has had a true impact on my skills as a recruiter. The competitive drive and comradery that I grew accustomed to motivates me daily not only to push myself to be my best but also to bring that out of those that are around me.

Exploring the Austin area throughout this time made me soon realize that this was the place for me to start my life. I soon moved my then fiancé out here and we began our journey as Austinites.

Outside of work, you’d probably find me traveling, working out, working on the clothing brand my wife and I are establishing, and just enjoying being newlyweds. Again, due to my entire football career, I truly enjoy fitness so if you need an accountability partner, I’m your guy! I am also always looking to make connections mainly to learn from all walks of life so feel free to reach out.

Let’s grow together!

Greg Peace

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Greg Peace