Greg Elliot

Talent Sourcer


Hey, I'm Greg. For the last 6 years before joining Signify Technology, I have worked in the Property industry, mostly in the Lettings market. I started at a young age as a Junior Negotiatior on the high street and was soon promoted to Senior Level. I then made a huge decision to move to a startup and managed to successfully work my way up the rankings to Director Level for an independant firm in South West London. I have a predominant background in Customer Service as my previous roles have been on the front line, mostly getting to know people and building relationships with clients, candidates and colleagues is what I have always enjoyed the most.‚Äč

I joined Signify Technology mainly because of the journey it is on and the team behind that journey. The mission is to provide the best experience for its customers & clients alike and it is exciting to be a part of this company.

Outside of work I am very well travelled and love to see the world. I like to visit places I have never been to before and experience the different cultures and cuisines they have to offer. I have visited countries in Asia, America, Afica, Europe and the Carribean and honestly couldn't tell you which one I liked the most as they all so different but have so much to offer in their own unique way. I intend on expanding my list of places I have been to and learning more about the world along the way.

I am very close with my friends and family. I am the proud uncle to my two nephews and niece. My fiancee and I have finally managed to get on the property ladder which was a huge ahcievement for us and we are currently planning our wedding which is the next exciting step together in our lives.

If you need assistance looking for a new role for yourself or if you are in need of Scala talent for your team, then please get in touch as I would love to hear from you and tell you more about what myself and Signify Technology could offer you.


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