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Elle Nash

Hey I'm Elle!

​I joined Signify on a one-year internship but was made permanent after just three months and have recently been promoted to Marketing Executive.

I love marketing because it is so varied; I am a creative at heart and if money was no object (and perhaps I was slightly more talented) I would choose to be an artisté tomorrow... but marketing allows for this, as well as the use of my interpersonal and problem-solving skills, its fast paced and there is always something new to learn - there is definitely a lot more to Marketing than just colouring in and I am glad to be a part of a company that appreciates that!

I graduated from Brighton University with a BA in English Literature and most recently I gained a distinction from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, in Level 3 Digital Marketing. I am currently undertaking an SEO course with the Digital Marketing Institute to further my knowledge.

I truly care about many social issues, including, diversity, gender equality and the climate crisis. At Signify we are big on community and big on our corporate social responsibility.

Outside of work I love travelling and eating my way around wherever I am, I love drinks with friends but also like to keep fit and it isn't uncommon to find me on a long walk, run or cycle come Sunday morning, trying to sweat out a hangover.

If you fancy a chat about the community or marketing, just reach out!

Elle Nash