Elle Nash

Marketing Assistant


Hey! I am Elle, the Marketing Assistant at Signify Technology.

I am super excited to be at the beginning of my marketing career. I have always enjoyed writing, I am passionate about communication and love hearing different opinions, as well as expressing my own. Having always worked in customer service I love talking to a variety of people and building relationships. I am an avid social media user and enjoy keeping up with cultural trends. 

I attended The University of Brighton where I gained a degree in English Literature but also a love for the weird, wonderful and mostly unheard-of sport that is Korfball. I might be described by friends and family as loud, competitive and creative. I have a ‘healthy’ love for gin and online shopping but also like to keep active in my spare time; going to the gym, on long dog walks and swimming.

My biggest goals in life revolve around experiencing as much of the world as possible. 



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