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Elige Carter

Hello all! My name is Elige (Elijah), and I am originally from San Diego.

I relocated to Los Angeles 4 years ago where I managed a team that consistently ranked near the top of the company. In 2022, I joined the Signify team as their values aligned with mine and I wanted to be a part of a family that truly cared about people.

The part of my job that I look forward to the most is developing meaningful relationships with my clients and candidates that would extend further than just a transaction. I love the opportunity to provide an impactful service to all parties involved and ensure that everyone’s goals are met.

While not at work, you can find me trying to resurrect my basketball career (some say I was the next Jordan until I had a career ending papercut) or trying to be a “Chad” on Rust servers. You can also find me visiting restaurants with a vibrant ambience so if you have any suggestions, please send them my way!

Elige Carter

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Elige Carter