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Drew Ruffin Cannon

Hello! My name is Drew!

I am from Connecticut, lived there most of my life. I moved to California by myself almost 10 years ago now. I have been on the journey of growth and promoting it and helping others achieve it. I took the path of managing in the food industry because I believe food is important and so is the place you get it from. So in other words I'm a big foodie and a hard critic. Being driven and dedicated from my experiences to the present I have become a big peoples-person. I value communication in everything I co-exist with and will always express that, communication is key.

I'm a very active guy, I love sports of all types. Big hiker. Passionate about music & art. I enjoy learning new things, trying new things and going to new places. Fun facts for days.

Let's go for hike!

Drew Ruffin Cannon

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Drew Ruffin Cannon