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Danielle Campbell-Deeble

Hey I'm Danielle, 

I have recently entered the recruitment industry having previously worked in the property sector as both industries require similar skillset.

Luckily I have chosen the best company to work for as I will be working alongside the high level of talent we have here at signify. I am super excited to work hard and push myself as I have the right attitude and abundance mindset.

A bit about my is I'm super family orientated and love spending time with my love ones. I have a fun personality and love a good joke and banter. I definitely have quite dry and sarcastic humour but I'm super goofy and silly at the same time. 

I love talking to new people and sharing interesting stories, so if you are a Scala engineer looking to find new opportunities, why not share an interesting story with me and ill find you the perfect job role.

Danielle Campbell-Deeble

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Danielle Campbell-Deeble