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Curtis McGough

​Hey, I’m Curtis.

With a background heavily based in customer service and people development, I am delighted to be a part Signify, in an industry that I have a passion for, as well as helping change lives and improve businesses together.

Having spent many years in the world of retail, and a wealth of experience in the sport sector within multi-disciplinary roles, Signify’s culture is one where I fit right in with the team that I have met from the Manchester office.

Outside of my professional and academic life, I am constantly active with sports, including kickboxing, football, snowboarding and the gym to name a few. I come from a large family so always enjoy busy social events, as well as days out, languages and gaming. I always welcome spontaneity.

I am always happy for a chat, be it work related or not, so feel free to reach out at any time!

Curtis McGough

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Curtis McGough