Alexandra Breslin

Senior Consultant


Hey! I’m Alex. I come from a Customer focused background and I love building long-standing relationships with people and seeing how my advice can ultimately help them achieve their end goal. I am fascinated by the growing world of technology and how tech is used in most things we do on a daily basis. I love attending our tech meet-ups and learning more about Scala through meeting with developers and listening to talks! 

 I love meeting new people and exploring different cultures - I love that this job allows me to speak with people all over the world & also the chance to visit different countries for conferences. I love traveling and have 2 more continents to visit before I have covered them all so I will make that my aim over the next few years!!

Outside of work I am a very active person and don’t often like to sit still! I love going to the gym, socialising with friends and love any sort of food & drink events!

If you are looking for your next role, please get in touch, I would love to help. 


Alex is currently on Maternity Leave, if you would like to discuss permanent positions please contact

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