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Alec Bunnell


My name is Alec, and I hail from the faraway land of Maine (yes, it’s a real place; no, it’s not part of Canada; yes, it is unbearably cold 4 months a year; no, we don’t ride moose.) I’ve been recruiting since I was 17; my first hires were hourly-wage labor employees for the home improvement business I ran while I was in college. While I wasn’t very good at this line of work myself, I discovered I was pretty adept at finding people who were , and selling them on coming to work for me. After five successful years building the business larger than I could have ever hoped into a regional operation across the northeast, I decided to ship out to Austin to start a new journey where I fell in love with the culture, the weather, and obviously the breakfast tacos.

I’ve found my place in the recruiting industry; I take a lot of pride and satisfaction in helping my clients to find the right talent to fit their needs and goals, and helping my candidates to find their dream job. I’ve hired both leaders and individual contributors in engineering, sales, strategy, and finance, in industries ranging from technology, healthcare, ecommerce, artificial intelligence, education, and more.

When I’m not hunting for skilled individuals, I’m likely hiking, cooking, or creating custom-designed sneakers. If you’ve bothered to read this far, then you’ve already fallen victim to my sales strategies and you may as well reach out for a quick chat to find out how I can be a resource to you!

Alec Bunnell