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Our top tips to stay motivated after the holidays/winter break

Pexels Fauxels 3184339

Feeling unmotivated with work heading into the new year? It can be hard to get back into the swing of things after the winter break.

But here are our top tips on where you could start!

1. Work out your routine

By creating a morning routine, you're creating a healthy habit for your body.

It's been said to boost happiness, productivity and motivation but you have to make sure that it's unique to you.

2. Create a to-do list

After a few weeks off, it's going to be overwhelming checking your emails or even knowing where to start.

Our advice, create a to-do list. Work out what is a high priority and needs to be actioned first.

You won't be able to tackle it all in one day, even if you want to!

3. List your smart goals

S - Specific - Make sure your goals are specific for more effective planning

M - Measurable - To make sure that you're making progress

A - Attainable - Make sure you can accomplish your goal within a time frame

R - Relevant - Your goals should align with your long-term goals

T - Time-based - Set an ambitious yet achievable end date to set motivation

4. Mix up your environment

Different environments are tied to boosting motivation. By surrounding yourself with new sounds and a fresh environment, you're stimulating your brain, instead of staying in the same spot.

This is where hybrid working is key - As you have two environments to create new mechanisms to complete tasks.

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