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Programme One

Programme One is a collection of recruitment companies joining together with the aim of breaking down the barriers for diversity within the staffing industry and removing inequalities. 

Addressing workplace inequality for Black talent within the Recruitment Industry.

Why are Signify Technology involved?

Our CEO, Ryan Adams, himself knows what it is like to feel that there are barriers to break through when it comes to the staffing industry. 

To us, it’s important to ensure that going forward, no one person ever feels in the minority within the staffing and recruitment industry. Initiatives such as Programme One are key aspects to making a positive difference with this and creating lasting change.

“Back in 2007, the recruitment industry definitely wasn’t as diverse as it is now, today. I remember working for many companies and being one of the only minority people in the room. It isn’t until I look back now that I realize how non-diverse the industry was.”

Ryan Adams, Signify Technology CEO

What are the objectives?

Each company involved in Programme One makes a promise to commit to the four Strategic Objectives, this allows for permanent change within the industry.

  1. A commitment to embedding a Diversity, Inclusion and Respect Strategy within their business

  2. A commitment to removing any barriers to hiring Black recruiters…so that your organization matches the Black representation in their local community

  3. For every Black recruit hired there is a commitment that they have access to a mentor

  4. A commitment to widening our talent attraction methods and techniques

Currently, at Signify Technology, 5.5% of our team identify as Black and this is a statistic we promise to work on increasing, as well as diversifying our team across the spectrum.  

Would you be interested in joining as a recruitment partner? 

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