Sunday Reads

Signify Sunday Reads - 3 October 2021 Week 1

Sunday Reads

​It's time for weekly Signify Sunday Reads! Interested to see what we have this week?​

Our first read is from Daniel Ciocirlan. Ths post is called Scala isn’t Hard: How to Master Scala Step by Step.

Our second post is from Jakub Kozłowski. This video is called Scala project from scratch #3 - compiling the client with GraalVM Native Image.

Our third post is from Marek Kadek. This post is called Trace your microservices with ZIO.

Our fourth post is from Adam Warski. This post is called Fast number parsing in Scala.

Our final post is again from Daniel Ciocirlan. This post is called Event Streaming with Apache Pulsar and Scala.

Stay posted for next week!