Sunday Reads 5

Signify Sunday Reads - 12 September 2021 Week 2

Sunday Reads 5

​It's time for our Signify Sunday Reads and we are excited about what we have to catch up on this week...

Our first read is from Dean Wampler. The post is called Scala 3: What’s Changed Since Scala 3.0.0.

Our second post is from Iza Rokita at SoftwareMill. This blog is on Why offline events are so important to us.

Our third read is from Tom Sydney Kerckhove. This post is called JSON Vulnerability in Haskell's Aeson library.

Our fourth post is a talk from Chris Smith. This talk is called Testing Haskell with Mocks.

Our final post is from Rebecca Skinner with An Introduction to Type Level Programming.

We hope you enjoyed our favourite Sunday reads this week!