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Signify's Sunday Reads - 8th August 2021 Week #2

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Welcome back to another Sunday Reads!! We hope you enjoy our favorite Scala-related articles, videos and tutorials for the week!

Which is faster, cats-effect 3 or ZIO 2? This article by Daniel Spiewak goes through a series of comparative benchmarks drawn from both ZIO’s and Cats Effect’s code bases. 

Do type classes confuse you? Alex Klibisz goes over Scala Type Classes From Scratch by walking through a realistic example problem. In this article, you’ll learn why type classes are necessary to solve the problem and build the solution incrementally.

More on migrating to Scala 3 -Igal Tabachnik shares Scala 3 Goodies for Scala 2 Developers.

What is ZIO and should you learn it? Vlad defines ZIO for beginners in part one of this series and looks at it from a business/ career perspective. 

And finally, for the experienced Scala Developer - Daniel Ciocîrlan provides in depth explanations, examples and exercises in Cats: Essential Type Class Hierarchy, Explained.