Sunday Reads 5

Signify Sunday Reads - 22 August 2021 Week #3

Sunday Reads 5

It's time for our weekly Sunday Reads! What's on the list today?...​

Our first read is from Ruben Berenguel, Senior data engineer at Typeform. This post is called Debug Go in VS Code.

Our second post is from Bartlomiej Szwej, Software Engineer. This post is called Domain-Driven Design with FP in Scala.

Our third read is from Jichao Ouyang. This post is called Generic Type Class Derivation in Scala 3.

Our fourth read is from Tomasz Godzik, Software Developer at VirtusLab. This video on the 47 Degrees blog is called Getting Started with Metals IDE.

Our final read is from Simplilearn. This post is called Getting Started with Scala Programming: Features and Applications.

We hope you enjoyed our favourite Scala reads this week!