Our Top 10 Martin Odersky Talks (1)

Our Top Martin Odersky Scala Talks

Our Top 10 Martin Odersky Talks (1)

Let's look back at all our favourite Martin Odersky talks!

As the creator of Scala, Martin is the reason Signify Technology exists so we couldn't be more grateful for his hard work. Created in 2003, Scala has become the prefered language for thousands of developers and the community is continuously growing. 

From Lightbend to Scala Days, we've dug deep to find these gems for you so let's get watching...

A Scala 3 Update: Scala Love Conference 2020

Martin will report on recent progress and the current state of Scala 3. In a nutshell:

– We are in feature freeze for 3.0

– The SIP committee has done a first pass of reviewing all proposed changes

– Key libraries are being ported

– There is a growing community build

In this talk, Martin also will lay out the next steps of the planned transition and how the community can help in implementing them.

Scala 3 Is Coming: Martin Odersky Shares What To Know

In its first redesign since 2010, Scala 3 will be a big step towards realizing the full potential of these ideas, and will go into feature freeze later this year.

Join Dr. Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala and co-founder of Lightbend, on a tour of what is in store and highlight some of his favorite features of Dotty, which will become Scala 3. Specifically, we will review the following in Scala 3:

  • Main objectives - simplify where possible, eliminate inconsistencies and surprising behavior, build on strong foundations to ensure the design hangs well together, consolidate language constructs to improve the language’s consistency, safety, ergonomics, and performance.

  • Best features - while Scala 2 and Scala 3 are fundamentally the same language, there are many new features designed for beginners, for everyday coding, and for Scala experts to explore.

  • Planned roadmap - with Scala 2.13 now released, the intent is to publish Scala 3 final soon after Scala 2.14–which will focus on smoothing the migration to Scala 3—in late-2020.

A Tour of Scala 3 at Scala Days 2019

Scala 3 is shaping up and will go into feature freeze later this year. Martin takes us on a tour of what is in store and highlight some of his favorite features of the language.

Implicits Revisited at Lambda World 2019

Martin talks about the history of Scala’s implicits: how they evolved, some mistakes we could have avoided in hindsight, as well as aspects he believes we got right. Martin then presents the revised implicit design of Scala 3 and explain how it addresses the problems mentioned earlier.

Video Q&A session with Martin Odersky at ScalaUA 2019

ScalaUA organised a LIVE Q&A with Martin Odersky and you can catch up here on all the questions asked.

ieeeComputerSociety Episode with Martin Odersky

In this Episode we talk about the Scala language with its creator Martin Odersky. Scala is a language that fuses object oriented and functional programming. Martin started out by providing a two-minute overview over the language, and then talked a little bit about its history. We then discussed the basics of functional programming. The main part of the episode features a discussion of some of the important features of the Scala language: 

  • Case Classes and Pattern Matching 

  • Multiple Inheritance and Compound Types, Traits, Mixins Closures 

  • Functions as types, "Function pointers", Anonymous functions 

  • Higher Order Functions 

  • Currying 

  • (Sequence) Comprehensions 

  • Generics 

  • Type Bounds (Upper, Lower) 

  • Static/Dynamic Typing, Type Inference 

  • Operators 

  • Implicits 

We then talked about Scala's actors library, a highly scalable concurrency package. The last part of the episode covered some more general topics, such as where and how Scala is used today, IDE support and the user and developer community. We concluded the episode by looking at current development and next steps in Scala language evolution.

What's been your favourite Martin Odersky talk?