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Signify's Sunday Reads - 13th June 2021 Week #2

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The Scala market is hot right now!! We've got resources for you to take your career to the next level!!
For the experienced Scala developer - Daniel Ciocîrlan discusses the Cats Scala library in Cats: Essential Type Class Hierarchy, Explained. The article explains the essential type classes in the Cats library, why we need them, how they’re related and how you should think about them so that you’re not tangled in all the abstractions.
Need help Debugging and Observing Your Scala Code? If you’re a developer, looking at an unreproducible exception with no context or clues, Will Sargent has solutions for you!
Fabio Labella covers a series about a programming paradigm called “programs as values.” The latest topic in the series is Programs as Values, Part III: Explicit Control Flow.
Need a refresh? Be sure to check out part I and part II. Also, be on the look out for part IV which will start looking in detail at the structure of programs as values datatypes, by talking about algebras.​
Unlock your potential as a Scala developer with Julien Truffaut’s online practical Scala course. Save 10% off of the course when you sign up for our newsletter! Foundation of Functional Programming in Scala is a comprehensive, self-paced online course with no prerequisites, which helps you to become a confident, productive, and powerful functional Scala developer.