Martin 9

Building a User Friendly DSL with Scala 3 By Jakob Odersky

Martin 9

​How can you build a User Friendly DSL with Scala 3?

Jakob Odersky took us zero to three with this talk at Scala Love in the City Conference.

From Zero to Three - Building a User Friendly DSL with Scala 3

At Inpher, we have built a domain specific language (DSL) for modelling privacy preserving computations. This DSL is targeted at cryptographers who are not necessarily familiar with Scala at all, yet it is written entirely in Scala 3! In this talk, I will present some of Scala 3's new features that were used to make the DSL powerful while keeping it very user friendly.

I will share some experiences we've had as early adopters of Dotty, as well as some lessons learned while introducing the DSL to complete newcomers of the language.