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An introduction to recursion schemes by Nicolas Rinaudo

Image 2021 05 21 T11 20 29

Recursion schemes are a topic that often come up in conversations with experienced, knowledgeable developers. For the longest time, I’d just nod and smile and pretend I knew what was going on.

The purpose of this talk is to help people in the same situation. Recursion schemes are far less scary and confusing than the mystique that surrounds them suggests, and this talk attempts to prove it.

We’ll start from first principles and refactor our way to proper recursion schemes, discovering and explaining all the necessary concepts as we go along. By the end of the talk, attendants should have all the tools they need to understand recursion schemes, and be able to explore the more esoteric ones on their own.

This talk was given by Nicolas Rinaudo at Scala Love in the City, hosted by Signify and Konfy!