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Sweet home Scala 3 by Krzysztof Romanowski

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Scala 3 has been widely discussed within the community, on numerous occasions and the release party is fast approaching! This talk given at Scala Love in the City, by Krzysztof Romanowski specifically looks at using Scala with Home Assistant.
From Krzysztof

I am the type of person who learns new technologies on the job, so I needed a project to explore Scala 3 in-depth. More or less at the same time, we’ve decided to make our apartment just a bit smarter, and I thought this is a perfect occasion to play with Scala 3 (and many other toys).

My plan was simple: start with existing, stable integration: Home Assistant running on Raspberry PI, explore and use Scala on top of that.

Home Assistant has a fantastic ecosystem that reminds me of one we have in Scala. Everything I’ve done with Scala I could have achieved easier and faster with built-in automation, Node-Red or Python but this project was all about learning and fun! So let me show how it works and how new features from Scala 3 can improve even such a small project.