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Signify's Sunday Reads - 4th April 2021 Week #1

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Want to read the latest Scala and Functional Programming articles and blogs?

We've compiled a list of the best from the past week so you can!

First from Dean Wampler,Scala 3: Infix Operator Notation, looks at that "trick" that has long been supported in Scala - he says 'If a method takes a single argument, you can call it without the period after the instance and without parentheses around the argument. This post describes changes in Scala 3.'

More on Scala...Figuring out Scala functional programming libraries by Krzysztof Atłasik is an extension of his answer to the question“Making sense of Scala FP Libraries”.

An intro to writing native DB driver in Scala, looks at speaking directly to Cassandra over its native protocol using ZIO & Scodec, as Marek Kadeksays most developers will sooner or later need to interact with some database from within the application.

Jonas Chapuis looks at 'how we created a highly-available distributed mobility optimization system in Scala, using Akka clusters, Kubernetes, and Kafka with a domain-driven approach, a functional programming mindset, and a culture of excellence.' - his article is called: Building a transportation cloud with microservices!

Cat specific... we've got Cats Effect - the pure asynchronous runtime for Scala.

And - Using Cats Effect Resource in Non-Functional Contexts by Horace Williams, looks at how to Use resource.allocated to integratecats.effect.Resourceinto non-FP contexts such as a test framework setup/teardown methods or traditional callback-driven APIs.

Reduce Boilerplate Code With Scala Macros and Quasiquotes is a six minute read by Alain-Michel, as he says unfortunately, Scala code is not immune to boilerplate, and developers may struggle to find a way to refactor and reuse such code.

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