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Signify's Sunday Reads - 11th April Week #2

Image 2021 04 09 T15 58 11

​We will dive right in with a few great Scala reads, we came across this week!

First up from Virtus Lab we have Revisiting Scala Native by Wojciech Mazur. He says 'the recent release of Scala Native 0.4.0 makes a great opportunity to revisit the project and check how it compares to other technologies available in 2021' and his article looks specifically at its performance aspects in comparison with execution on the JVM and its closest competitor.

Julien Truffaut shared an article; Scala 3: A Simpler Language. Following on from Scala 3: What to expect, his article specifically looks at Enums and gives lots of useful code examples!

Scala 3 in SBT 1.5 by Adrien Piquerez, announces that sbt 1.5.0 supports Scala 3 out-of-the-box and explores how!

Maciej Gorywoda published Scala on Android a great how-to, on building an android app in Scala 2.13.

Adam Warski shared Context is King - looking at context functions; a new contextual abstraction coming in Scala 3!

Hands-on Laminar looks at the Scala library developed by Nikita Gazarov; a library that mixes reactive programming and declarative views. The article is by Rafał Zelek and goes through the most common cases that every frontend developer needs to do daily.

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