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Scala on Android by Maciej Gorywoda

Martin 13

​How was Scala introduced to Android?

Learn all the success and failings too from this awesome talk by Maciej Gorywoda at Scala in the City Conference!

Scala on Android

For almost four years now I work professionally on the Android client of an end-to-end encrypted messenger, in Scala. In Android we deal a lot with events coming from many sources: the user, the backend, the Android OS itself… The code we write has to be very reactive - and it should also be concise and able to process all those events concurrently to squeeze all we can from limited resources. Scala should thrive under those conditions. And yet, it’s almost non-existent. People who still write it are forced to use old versions of libraries, on top of an old version of the language itself, to modify Gradle scripts, and basically to jump through countless loopholes which shouldn’t exist. Most of those people already either moved to other market niches… or to other programming languages.

In this talk, I want to outline how we ended up in this weird position. What attempts were made in the past to introduce Scala on Android, and how they failed. What hacks and concessions are needed in the present to still be able to write Scala on Android. But also I want to tell you about recent developments that give me a reason to believe that the future might be better. It will require a lot of effort, though, and so I want to inspire you to help me.