Martin 6

One year with Akka 2.6 by Sean Glover

Martin 6

One year with Akka 2.6, what did we learn?

With so many major developments there is a lot to discuss! At Scala Love in the City, Sean Glover dived into some of these developments including APIs for Akka Persistence and Cluster Sharding.

One year with Akka 2.6

Akka’s new type-safe APIs graduated from experimental to stable with the release of Akka 2.6. Akka 2.6 was released in November 2019 and represented a major step forward for the project, despite being a minor version tick from 2.5 to 2.6. The new API became the default for documentation, reference projects, and is the base upon which many exciting new features and projects were added to the Akka ecosystem in the following year.

There are too many topics in the Akka 2.6 series to cover in a single talk, but I’ll highlight several major developments, such as easier to use APIs for Akka Persistence and Cluster Sharding, a new remoting layer to optimize peer to peer connections in Akka cluster, a new project called Projections to manage readside views in event sourced systems, and the ability to define external shard allocation strategies with Akka Cluster to optimize data locality (i.e. with Alpakka Kafka consumer instances). We’ll also highlight recently open sourced components that were previously only available to Lightbend customers, such as the Split Brain Resolver for Akka Cluster.