Martin 5

A Deep Dive into Scala Native Internals by Wojciech Mazur

Martin 5

Ready for a deep dive?

Be prepared to dive into how Scala Native differs from alternative solutions and more with this awesome talk from Wojciech Mazur at Scala Love in the City Conference.

A Deep Dive into Scala Native Internals

When Scala Native was first announced it opened many new possibilities for multiple different areas of computing. For serverless and tooling it promised instant startup and low memory usage. At the same time, for low-level programming it offers interoperability with a multitude of C libraries.

Last year the Scala Center committed to taking care of this project, adding support for the latest Scala releases and extending it with new features. Thanks to cooperation between VirtusLab, the Scala Center and community contributors, Scala Native is now back on track with high hopes for a small revolution in the Scala ecosystem. This talk covers my experience of working on the Scala Native team, and shares what I have learned about Scala and the native ecosystem, as these two worlds come together.

During the talk we will discuss: * working with compiler plugins * how Scala Native differs from alternative solutions * how native is different from the JVM * LLVM and how Scala Native uses it * how Scala Native’s design decisions influenced its advantages and limitations.

Additionally I will discuss the current status of Scala Native as well as its roadmap in 2021.