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What is the average Engineering Manager Salary in London?

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​As an Engineering Manager, you have a responsibility for ensuring that key projects and engineering duties are fulfilled.

You'll know that as an Engineering Manager, you've been dedicated in your progression from Software Engineer to managing large teams and substantial projects. This experience has given you a wealth of knowledge that will now come into everyday use, as you are tackled with the responsibility of solving complex programming issues for the team.

The Engineering Manager also takes a role in scaling the team and building an effective and positive programming system by training new employees, often interviewing potential employees and working with various other departments.

On average, entering this role you will have around 5 years experience and a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or similar.

Essential skills for an Engineering Manager

  • Strong Communication

  • Decision Making

  • Time and Project Management

  • Stong Technical Knowledge

London, specifically, provides a wealth of opportunities and with competitive salaries, it is an ideal location.

What is the average pay for an Engineering Manager in London?

There can be many things which contribute to a salary including tech stack and exact location within the city. However, it is often proven true that larger companies will have a higher salary to offer as the engineering teams which are to be managed by the Engineering Manager are bigger and there are more systems to monitor.

If you are open to looking for a new role in London or are looking to build your engineering team, then just give us a shout and email us on We will take the time to fully understand what type of opportunity is ideal for you and your skillset/ required skillset.

Or, if London isn't for you, don't worry we work in over 17 countries globally so we can promise to find the right role or person for you.