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Signify's Sunday Reads - 7th March 2021 Week #1

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Welcome back to another Sunday Reads, your weekly update of all the latest in Scala and programming.

First up, Lean for Scala programmers - a detailed blog post with lots of code examples.

Vincenzo Bassucchi at the Scala Center shared Tuples Bring Generic Programming to Scala 3.

Scala Algorithms published, The most comprehensive collection of algorithms in standard pure-functional Scala.

And Krzysztof Grajek shared Scala Cats Invariant Functor!

Software Mill released their Scala 3 Tech Report, a brilliant summary of the developers' expectations for Scala 3 and their view on the future of Scala. Scala 3 is a hot topic right now and as many developers migrate over, we also want to help that process be as smooth as possible; stay posted for our Scala 3 white paper next week and Scala 3, Scala in the City special, partnered with Software Mill at the end of the month!!